About us

The National Youth Employment Body

Diagram showing the structure and flow of NYEB

The National Youth Employment Body (NYEB) model draws on the evidence-informed youth transitions approach, developed and refined by the Brotherhood over the last decade, with its focus on enabling young people to build their capabilities for achieving a sustainable livelihood.

The NYEB facilitates collaborative efforts that enable young people to secure decent work while addressing the needs of industry for a diverse and adaptable workforce. In practice, the NYEB brings diverse people together to enable a place-based focus with national reach. Local communities are supported to harness their expertise and existing investments to co-develop strategies to improve youth employment pathways in place. While national policy makers and experts across industry, employment services, education and training are linked to real time community knowledge of how to align their efforts to build the capabilities of young people and meet the needs of employers.

Building practice for change

The NYEB provides facilitative leadership to enable local and national participants to co-develop flexible strategies, document and share learnings, and inform policy making to improve youth employment pathways and outcomes in place.

Our enabling role involves:

  • Building collaboration and trust with community
  • Establishing local Community Investment Committees
  • Building understanding of the youth employment landscape
  • Building and implementing community driven solutions
  • Building collaborative governance
  • Connecting knowledge to drive solutions
  • Building evidence to address youth unemployment